Materials for Conservation

2nd Edition Published

The second edition of this standard text on polymers, consolidants, adhesives, coatings, was published in 2010. The text has been largely revised to reflect changes in the materials available and increasing conservation knowledge and experience. The appendices and bibliography have been considerably extended.

Professional Updating for Conservators

Distance learning and hands-on courses

Chemistry for Conservators enables people learn about the chemistry of major conservation issues: materials, environment, cleaning, and deterioration. Using written texts, experiments and assessment, scientific principles for conservation practice are explored. This has also been taught as a undergraduate course, e.g, Courtauld Institute.
Materials for Conservation
, built on the textbook, provides hands-on experience and the theoretical background to the use of polymers in conservation. The course is delivered world wide, e.g. in NHB (Singapore), INP (Paris) and the Tate Gallery (London).

Turner’s Prints

Online Catalogue Raisonné

This evolving website hosts an illustrated catalogue raisonnée of JMW Turner's prints. The contribution of Turner’s print output to the development of art in the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries has been overshadowed by concentration on his paintings, drawings and watercolours. This project aims to redress the balance by integrating new evidence from private collectors, dealers, scholars and institutions with past research.

International Institute for Conservation


In January 2010, Velson Horie was elected Treasurer of IIC ending his term of offic in May 2018. Over that period, considerable improvements in the financial and strategic management of IIC was achieved. Both Studies in Conservation and News in Conservation were modernised, made more cost efficient and made available online. A fighting fund was built up to recruit a Executive Director to implement strategic change.

New Mills Heritage Centre

Museum mentor

The Centre enables residents and visitors to learn about the development of the town. The Centre is largely volunteer run with a part-time administrator under the town council. Velson Horie is the Centre’s Museum mentor, appointed to advise on maintaining current museum standards.

Velson Horie provides collection care and conservation support to Museums, Libraries, Archives and other heritage organisations. Support and advice is provided for project and change management. Successful projects are developed by using the best advice from committed professionals then building a delivery team within and outside the organisation

Drawing on an established network of expertise, Velson Horie can manage and support:

  • conservation planning and implementation e.g. collection surveys and storage renewal;
  • Heritage Lottery Funded project management (both development and delivery phases);
  • development and training;
  • preparation of professional standards;
  • research and publication.

These topics illustrate the services that can be provided and case studies of projects successfully delivered. Contact Velson Horie to discuss your needs and potential solutions.