Project Management

Many of Velson Horie's activities were carried out as projects, as can be seen in other parts of the portfolio: Conservation Planning; Development & Training; Profession & Standards; Research & Publication.

Typical projects have been: storage renewals; staging exhibitions; research projects; re-organising charitable bodies; organising conferences; introducing professional accreditation standards.

Velson Horie was elected a Full Member of the Association of Project Management in 2004 and obtained Managing Successful Programmes Registered Practitioner status (Office of Government Commerce) in 2007.

British Library - Identical Book Projectback to top

A £460k project, funded by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation, to undertake collaborative research on paper conservation.

Whitakers Almanack

The Conservation Research section of Collection Care developed this major research project as a partnership of the six UK Legal Deposit Libraries and two national archives.

Velson Horie managed the project examining 350 identical books in each of the copyright libraries. This unique group of real objects was used to develop methods of determining the state of paper and of measuring volatile organic compounds in these collections, over 2 1/2 years. This involved: preparing research briefs for the collection institutions and international academic research partners; ensuring progress and outputs - managerial, financial and scientific. The final conference brought together researchers, conservators and curators from Europe and America. The results of the research were published as Advances in Paper Conservation Research (2009) ed. C.V. Horie

The Manchester Museum: a major university museumback to top

The Manchester Museum is a major university museum, with ca 5 million objects, major research efforts and an innovative public engagement programme. The Museum carried out a £21m capital development project, 1997-2001, remodelling all the buildings making up the Museum, resulting in the 2004 Civic Trust Award and considerable improvements in public access and care for collections. Velson Horie carried out the internal project management and was the client point of contact between external design team and contractors with the University client group and Museum staff over 5 years. This involved: concept, brief and tender development; appointing contractors; strategic and detailed design decisions then overseeing implementation. Built teams to gather data and achieve the compromises necessary to change staff culture; rejigged staff, space and activities.

The Manchester Museum herbarium
The Manchester Museum herbarium -one of the top 3 in the UK- refitted in 2001 following an analysis of the size and needs of collection as one part of the overall renovation of the Museum.