Development & Training

Velson Horie develops and delivers innovative courses, both professional up-dating for practicing conservators and core topics for students, primarily chemistry and polymer chemistry applied to conservation. All are built around practical experience by the student integrated with firm theoretical foundations.

Face to face up-dating courses have been provided in the USA and Europe (including Finland, Greece and UK). Thousands of students from around the world have benefited from the distance learning course, Chemistry for Conservators, which has steadily increased its recruitment.

Specialist courses for conservation students are integrated into graduate and post-graduate level studies. These courses have been repeatedly delivered for a number of universities in Europe and the UK. The first ever live audio-visual conservation course was delivered in 1999 between Finland and Manchester, then followed up with a face to face course.

Chemistry for Conservators - distance learning courseback to top

Chemistry for Conservators provides an introduction into chemical processes for people with little or no chemistry. The syllabus is centred around major conservation issues: types of materials, the environment, cleaning, and deterioration. Using a combination of course literature, supplied experiments and assessed study units, the chemical principles needed to understand conservation practice are explained. This course is recommended background for students undertaking many training courses in conservation.

Illustration from a student report on the corrosion of an iron nail (R Thomas)
Part of a student report on the corrosion of an iron nail (R Thomas)

Adhesives for Conservation professional updating courseback to top

Students at the AIC Adhesives course held at the Getty Museum
Students at the AIC Adhesives course, Getty Museum

The American Institute for Conservation brought together an expert group, led by Ellen Pearlstein and including Velson Horie, Jane Down and many others, to write and deliver this week long practical course. The course has proved successful and has been repeated a number of times.

Chinese and Indian graphics conservationback to top

As a trustee of Icon, Velson Horie led its involvement in CHINDEU, the EU funded project, developing links, resources and training increasing the understanding and care of graphical collections in China, India and Europe. Out of this initiative developed two conferences involving curators and conservators from the three regions.

Image from comic, English version
Image from the comic, English version, available in 3 languages

The first was the culmination of CHINDEU, showcasing the results of the project, multi-lingual and multi-cultural: a graphical database of collections, information sheets, a comic emphasising the importance of care, and many personal contacts.

Ms Qiu Jinxian/Valentina Marabini, Himaraya Studio, British Museum, preparing painting for lining
Ms Qiu Jinxian/Valentina Marabini, British Museum
Preparing painting for lining

The second conference focussed on the